Top News: Cutler Injury Update & More

Quarterback Jay Cutler sustained multiple cracked ribs during the 31-28 victory against the New York Jets, and Head Coach Adam Gase said Monday how long Cutler will be out could depend on his pain tolerance level.

Cutler was injured in the third quarter Sunday when he was hit by Jets linebacker Jordan Jenkins.

Gase did not rule out Cutler for the game against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night. He also said the Dolphins were evaluating the possibility of signing another quarterback.

“We’re kind of going through the process right now, so we’ll figure out what we’re going to do and transition and kind of work through today and figure it out at some point,” Gase said. “We’re just kind of taking it day to day right now and see where it goes from there.”

Gase said every scenario will be explored once Cutler is able to play in terms of providing extra protection, though Gase indicated the quarterback already had extra padding.

“It didn’t matter, the way he got hit and the way he came down,” Gase said. “He has custom-made pads. He had pretty good protection, but it just didn’t matter. The force of the hit and the ground was a lot.

“We’ll look into that (extra protection) when the time comes. There’s not going to be a shortage of investigation into anything with (equipment manager Joe) Cimino. He’s going to make sure whatever Jay needs, he’s going to do.”

Looking ahead: For those already wondering what will happen at quarterback if Cutler is forced to miss a few games and Matt Moore performs well in his absence, Gase said it’s too early to even think about that situation. “You’re getting way ahead of me because with us with this quick turnaround, I’m really focused on this week,” Gase said. “When we get through Thursday, we’ve got our ‘bye weekend.’ Then I’m able to kind of sit back and just kind of see where we’re at, total picture and with the health status of a lot of different people. I’m not even ready to go anywhere near anything with the quarterback. I know who’s available this week, possibly. It looks what I’m going to do. After that, I’ll move on from there.”

Tunsil update: The Dolphins are breathing a little easier Monday when it comes to the status of tackle Laremy Tunsil, who left the game against the Jets in the third quarter because of a knee injury. Gase said there was a chance Tunsil could play against the Ravens on Thursday night. “We’re going to get through the next couple of days and see how he feels,” Gase said. “It’s more positive than initially we thought. We were a little concerned a little bit. Anytime a guy goes down and starts limping around, you start thinking the worst, but we think there’s a good chance he’ll be OK.”

Davis delivers: After alternating at left guard early in the season, then coming up for four plays at right tackle against Atlanta, Jesse Davis was called on to replace Tunsil at left tackle against the Jets. Gase said he was pleased with Davis’ effort. “He did good,” Gase said. “Early in the game it wasn’t easy for him, but once he got to a point where he realized there’s nobody coming in here to save me here he got real comfortable and really did a good job of just getting his guys covered up and fighting and trying to finish every play. It was good to see because when you’re spot playing it’s hard to get in a great rhythm. I think he finally got in a little bit of a rhythm there toward the end.”

Tight end time: The Dolphins tight ends had a breakout performance against the Jets, with Julius Thomas setting a season high with 58 receiving yards and Anthony Fasano catching his first three passes, including a touchdown in the first half. “We’ve been trying to do some of the things we did yesterday,” Gase said. “We just weren’t really getting the coverages we were looking for. A couple of those were off-schedule throws — the one catch that Julius made, that wasn’t really an ideal coverage for that play, but Matt got flushed to that side and gave him a chance to make a play. First play of the game was good to see. (Thomas) just kind of popped open there, and when we open up on an explosive play, that’s always a positive for us. Anthony, we’ve been trying to get him more and more involved every week. We feel like we’ve got three really good tight ends and we want to keep those guys all involved and mix them in and out, both in the run game and the pass game, and I think it helps keep those guys fresh and it helps our running game and it helps our passing game because those guys are moving a little quicker because they’re not playing 70 plays or 65 plays. They’re all getting kind of mixed around in there.”