Trial Begins Monday for Man Accused of Killing Bartender

A South Florida family is looking for closure after their loved one was killed nearly three years ago. On Monday, they are hoping justice will be served as the man accused of killing Louis Salgar begins his trial.

Monday’s trial will be the culmination of a long legal process, which no one has been waiting more eagerly for than the victim’s family.

“You’re being charged with one count of second degree murder with a deadly weapon,” said a judge in a courtroom over three years ago.

Raul Reinosa faced a judge then after being accused of killing Salgar.

“After three years that this has happened, we waited a really long time and we would really like some kind of resolution and justice for my brother,” said Nicole Salgar, the victim’s sister.

The 28-year-old victim lost his life inside his own home on Northeast 85th Avenue and 8th Court.

Police said one of his roommates made the gruesome discovery.

“He doesn’t come out, so he knocked on the door several times. Once he opened the door, he discovered him lying on the floor, dead,” said an officer shortly after the incident happened.

According to investigators, the now 55-year-old suspect broke into Salgar’s house on June 24th of 2014.

While looking through his belongings, Reinosa found a gun, which he allegedly used to shoot Salgar three times when he returned home.

The man was arrested nearly three weeks later in St. Augustine, and has remained behind bars ever since.

Salgar has been remembered as a popular figure in Miami’s nightlife scene, who most recently worked at the Broken Shaker in Miami Beach before his violent death.

“Tomorrow is the first day, they will begin the trial,” said Nicole. “And we will all be there – my mom, my father, a lot of his friends, people that knew him from the community, are planning to stand alongside us and hoping for justice.”

The suspect will be tried for three felonies in Monday’s trial, but also faces charges in California where he is wanted on a fugitive warrant for previous crimes.

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