Victims Assess Damage Following Explosion at Plantation Shopping Center

Cars, buildings and nearby homes were all impacted by an explosion at a Plantation shopping center that took place Saturday morning.

Many property owners returned to the shopping center on Sunday to assess the damage. Throughout the day, Plantation Police have escorted property and car owners past the caution tape to see the damage up close.

Some car owners were able to tow their cars away, while others will return Monday.

“The windshield is gone, there are dents on the side. The mirrors are gone,” said Chris Scott, whose car was damaged.

Scott’s Honda Civic was parked in front of the LA Fitness at the time the explosion took place. He doesn’t know if the car still runs, but his first step is getting it towed to a nearby repair shop.

“I called the insurance company, I filed a claim and they told me to let them know when I can get it towed,” said Scott.

The shopping plaza was purchased in 2007 for $24 million. It’s home to several businesses that suffered damage.

Insurance agent Amparo Paredes says that people who have been impacted should quickly file insurance claims.

“Everyone involved, including the injured, should be filing claims right now,” said Paredes. “The faster they do, because of the liability limits they might have, it depends on how they are going to be paying all this out.”

Paredes said filing a claim with your own insurance is the first step and the quicker that’s done, the less likely victims will run into an issue with possible liability limits.

The City of Plantation has also partnered with the Florida Crisis Response team to host a group intervention for those who were impacted.

The event will take place Tuesday, July 9th at Plantation Central Park.

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