Video: ‘Homophobic’ Man Assaults Gay Miami Restaurant Worker

What to Know

  • The assault captured on camera occurred on Feb. 10 in Miami.

  • The attacker allegedly used homophobic slurs during the violent incident.

The brutal assault of a gay Miami restaurant worker by a man who allegedly used homophobic slurs was captured on camera.

The powerful punch occurred in the Mi Tierra restaurant on Feb. 10. Nelson Bardales, who is Honduran and works as a chef, reported he was assaulted by a “homophobic” client.

“What he did to me does not have a name – he destroyed me. I have a fracture in my nose and in the cheekbone,” Bardales told NBC 6’s partner station Telemundo 51.

A restaurant surveillance camera captured the moment the man swiftly approached Bardales and punched him in the face in front of several witnesses. The suspect is not yet identified.

“He came and hit me and I was in shock, I remember losing” my thoughts, Bardales said.

Bardales said his co-workers told him the man called him “disgraceful, disgusting” and several homophobic offenses.

“He thought I was staring at him and for being gay he comes to hit me. It hurts me as a homosexual that there are many macho people in a diverse world,” Bardales said.

The victim filed a complaint with the police, adding he expects the assailant to “show his face.”