Video shows FHP trooper fatally shoot driver during traffic stop in North Miami-Dade

Video shows a motorist appear to strike a Florida Highway Patrol trooper in North Miami-Dade before the driver was fatally shot.

The bystander footage, making the rounds on social media and obtained by law enforcement, shows the deadly encounter between the driver of a white car and troopers on Tuesday night at the entrance of the Golden Glades Park & Ride at 16000 NW Seventh Ave. The Herald obtained the footage from a law-enforcement source.

The video shows the white car trying to drive away and a trooper, on foot and on the passenger side, with his gun pointed at the driver. The trooper appears to be ordering the man to stop. The trooper appears to fall after being struck by the slow-moving car.

It is unclear if the trooper who fell was the one who fired. The video also shows at least two troopers’ black patrol cars parked on the scene.

The FHP said Tuesday night that a trooper was “forced” to open fire during a traffic stop. The trooper was not injured, the agency said.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now investigating what led to the shooting. Prosecutors will eventually determine if the shooting was justified or not.