Video Shows Trio Burglarizing Liquor Store in Davie

Police have apprehended one of three individuals who worked together to attack a clerk and steal liquor bottles from a Walgreens Liquor Store in Davie, surveillance video shows.

The trio, two females and one male, entered the shop around 8:20 p.m., according to the police report.

They spent 15 minutes loitering in the store until only a few customers remained, after which the male jumped over the counter and assaulted the sales clerk as he tried to call for help from a walkie-talkie.

One female joined the attack on the clerk while the other ran out of the store with stolen liquor bottles. When the store’s manager finally came in, the clerk’s two remaining attackers left, the report said.

Shortly after police were called, one of the females was captured. The other two have yet to be identified.

Anyone who recognizes either of the two remaining offenders is asked to contact the Davie Police Department or Broward Crime Stoppers.