VIEWPOINT: Cost & Ethics of Higher Education

According to the U.S. Labor Department, over the last 30 years a four-year degree has increased over one-thousand percent. Moreover, pursuing an advanced education is at an all-time high. Most public colleges and universities have experienced a drop in state funding; leaving it is up to the institution to make up the difference in fees. In most cases, this means higher tuition for a commodity that’s already too expensive, especially given its rate of return. Apart from rising costs, tuition, and debt, the trajectory of higher education is in question. What higher education model is best for our nation’s graduates and taxpayers?

Michael Heithaus, Ph.D., Florida International University
Dart Humeston, Barry University
Avis Proctor, Ed.D., Broward College- North Campus
Lenore P. Rodicio, Ph.D., Miami Dade College