VIEWPOINT: Pope Francis: Marriage, Family, Bernie & Refugees

Pope Francis has made quite a few headlines lately – last month he gave hope to divorced and remarried Catholics in his long awaited declaration on the social issues affecting family life. Stopping short of changing church doctrine, the pope divided clergy by encouraging them not to judge the divorced or remarried, but be more considerate when it comes to them receiving Holy Communion, which is not allowed. But the pope left the LGBTQ community disappointed by rejecting the idea of same-sex marriage. He has also injected himself into U.S. politics, by meeting briefly with Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders called it an extraordinary moment and praised the pope for shedding a light on income inequality and the morality of economic life, which is a cornerstone of the sanders’ campaign. The panel discusses these issues and the Vatican’s sponsoring of Syrian refugees.

Daniel Alvarez, M.A., M.T.S., Florida International University
Robert Chalwell, Jr., Ph.D., OrdM, Broward College
Elsie Miranda, D.Min., Barry University
Charles Zelden, Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University