Wallace is a Band

Wallace is a Band
Wallace is a Band

Wallace is a Band

From Fort Lauderdale

WallaceIsABand .com

Wallace is a Band is a bit RAW but WTF the kids are still KIDS still in their teens.

They created their own label and they’re gigging around South Florida at the main live band venues.

They packed the cool hip Jump The Shark run by veteran local original music guru Garo Gallo and when we asked the LEGEND himself Rex Luciferius what he thought, he said that YOUNG they’re the REAL DEAL and have a great future ahead of themselves.

So if THE PROPHET OF ROCK says they’re worth following we thought the rest of South Florida should be watching these BOYS.

Great work fella’s KEEP IT UP and you have some new FANS here at 1 Fort Lauderdale.

Editor’s Note

Rylan is the song writer and plays all instruments on his songs, but he formed a ‘band’ to playout his tunes. That’s even more REMARKABLE.


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