Whacko Judge Michele Towbin Singer ORDERS Female Attorney be addressed as MR

Whacko Judge Michele Towbin Singer

ORDERS Female Attorney be addressed as MR

By Staff of 1 Fort Lauderdale


Well it’s Broward County where some judges are well, nuts or whacko’s or coconuts are whatever else you want to call a Justice that make Orders that are 100% asinine.

Whacko Judge Michele Towbin Singer
Whacko Judge Michele Towbin Singer

Meet Judge Michele Towbin Singer, we can only say she is a certified WHACKO now that she has ordered a Plaintiff in perhaps the most valuable case there is in Florida if not the entire USA (case involves enforcing a $50 Billion USD Foreign Final Order on Nationwide Insurance), to refer to a female lawyer that just joined the case as Mr., you heard that right a whacko female judge says a female lawyer in the case must now be called Mr. The Lawyer is Sanaz Alempour of Cole Scott & Kissane the largest lawfirm in Florida who represents West Lake Village HOA. Her profile page at CSK refer to her as MS. and her profile photo shows a heavy massacara female, or at least she appears to be a female who must now be referred to as a MR. in the whacko Judge case. Ms. Alempur seems to like the goth vampire look with her bug eye profile photo showing enough mascara for perhaps 100 goth chicks.

Meet Mr. Alempour
Meet Mr. Alempour

The case involves a tech genius with a pedigree in technology spanning six decades. He formed his first tech company while in High School in the mid 70’s then ran numerous software companies in the 80’s and became an internet legend in the 1990’s when he was publishing the future in his now infamous prophecies. His name is SOLLOG and he there’s mega thousands of web pages about him. After 911 he was front page news around the world for having the details of 911 on some of his famous web sites. However, the USA doesn’t know him that well, since the US Government basically put a ban on using his name after the Oklahoma Bombing hit and he was considered a suspect since he faxed complete details of the event to every major media outlet in the USA with the date, the name of the building and the death count in his fax.

The super genius has made motion after motion to get whacko Judge Singer off his case for various things, including Judge Singer did not use his religious name in court hearings, whacko Judge Singer lives in Hollywood Florida and that city is a defendant so a clear conflict of interest. Whacko Judge Singer is being sued multiple times by the Plaintiff in an international court and that conflict of interest isn’t enough to make whack Judge Singer disqualify herself.

The Plaintiff has even accused whacko Judge Singer of attempted murder when she demanded the Plaintiff appear in her court room in days when he was in fact in a cardiac unit in Holy Cross. Now the whacko Judge Singer is ordering the Plaintiff to call a woman MR.

When will Governor Ron DeSantis step in and save Florida from the embarrassment of whack Judge Singer?

Or will old man Judge Tuter chief Judge of Broward Courts step in and tell whacko Judge Singer to get off the case, she’s an embarrassment to all judges?

Whacko Judge Singer is the fifth judge in this whacky case, Judge Robinson disqualified himself almost as soon as he got the case, Judge Bitwill recused himself after his staff refused to do as he ordered and the Plaintiff motion over the Pro Se bias the judges staff had in denying court orders. Judge Rodrigues recused himself after the Plaintiff sued him for libel by making a false statement in one of his orders and Judge Haury disqualified himself when he was caught making an illegal order in the case.

It seems there are no unbiased and competent judges in Broward County as this whacko Order by Judge Singer proves. Remember when you read the Order Ms. Alempour is a woman and whacko Judge Singer insists a Plaintiff just out of the cardiac unit at Holy Cross Hospital must call Ms. Alempour now MR Alempour.

Court Order by Whacko Judge Singer

Can we all just agree whacko Judge Singer is too incompetent to  be a judge anywhere.