What You Can Buy During Florida’s Disaster Prep Sales Tax Holiday

From Saturday, May 28 to Friday, June 10, residents across the state of Florida will be able to purchase specific items without paying sales tax ahead of the 2022 hurricane season that starts June 1.

Select items include reusable ice packs selling for $20 or less, any portable self-powered light source such as candles or flashlights selling for $40 or less and coolers selling for $70 or less.

Items such as bungee cords, tarps and tie-down kits selling for $100 or less are also tax free while portable generators for $1,000 or less also apply. Carbon dioxide monitors and fire extinguishers for $70 or less are new on the list for 2022.

Also new for 2022 is items for your pets, including cans of wet food for $2 or less along with collars, leashes and muzzles for $20 or less.

For a complete list of items and other rules during the sales tax holiday, click on this link.