When cops came, this Miami rapper ditched his Porsche — maybe he shouldn’t have

A Miami rapper known as Str8 Kash pulled up to a West Kendall Cuban restaurant. There were two undercover narcotics detectives, who recognized him, ran his license plate and called out his name.

He took off running — ditching his white 2015 Porsche Panamera in the parking lot.

When the officers caught up to him, STr8 Kash learned he was a fugitive not for any major felony but for a traffic-ticket bench warrant and a suspended license, according to an arrest report.

Now, the 25-year-old rapper — whose real name is Lazaro Cancela – has been charged with something new: resisting arrest without violence.

It was a curious episode for Str8 Kash, who boasts nearly 62,000 followers on Instagram and this year dropped the single “Like The Devil.” He raps alongside another Miami rapper known as Stitches, best known for his song “Brick in Yo Face,” elaborate face tattoos and landing in jail on drug charges.

Lazaro Cancela

Lazaro Cancela

Miami-Dade Corrections

According to an Aug. 25 arrest report by Miami-Dade Detective Jonathan Santana, the rapper lead police on a foot chase through several shopping centers and stores before he was arrested down the street from the Islas Canarias restaurant, 13695 SW 26th St.

The bench warrant had been issued because Str8 Kash failed to appear in traffic court to face a ticket for driving with a suspended license. Cancela was booked into jail and quickly released on bail. No date has been set for his arraignment.

“You think they’d have better things to do,” his defense attorney, Roberto Pertiera, said of the cops. “It seems much ado about nothing.”