When the storm is as big as Florida, where can you evacuate to?

With Miami-Dade expected to order evacuations in coastal areas later Wednesday due to Hurricane Irma, many are facing a critical question: Where do I go?

“Where do we go? Only 2 rds out: 1-95 & Fla turnpike. Andrew’s damage was due to lax building codes. Dwellings built CBS code will hold,” Twitter user Florida Pearl posted on Wednesday morning.

As of Wednesday morning, the storm is projected to hit Florida by Sunday. But with a storm of this magnitude — a Category 5 that measures 120 miles wide in a state that is 160 miles across — you don’t have many places to go in Florida.

More: Tips on evacuating and looking for shelter.

First figure out if you’re in an evacuation zone. Plug in your address or ZIP code into Miami-Dade’s flood zone maps.

If you must go here are your options:

Stay with friends or family who have sturdy and shuttered homes.

If that choice isn’t feasible, Miami-Dade will open a number of shelters as the storm approaches. Shelters are not expected to open before Thursday as Miami-Dade public schools, which often serve as shelters, are still open Wednesday.

Or, consider driving out of state. Check hotel websites. Flights are hard to come by.

From a Hurricane Harvey survivor in Houston, a grandmother of five, the message is clear: “Pack your bags now.”

Make sure to bring at least a week’s worth of medications, a change of clothes, and important documents in protective plastic bags.

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