Woman with gun barricaded in car. Some Wynwood streets shut down, police say

Some roads have been closed and SWAT members are on the scene Tuesday morning after a woman with a gun refused to get out of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop in Miami.

Police said an officer pulled over a vehicle at Northwest First Court and 21st Street in Wynwood at about 10 a.m., then noticed a weapon on the center console.

When he ordered the occupants out of the car, a woman refused to exit.

Miami police said they believe the driver of the car managed to get out and don’t believe there are any other people inside the vehicle. The officer called for backup and there has been a standoff since the stop.

“It’s still active,” Miami police Detective Kiara Delva said just after 10:30 a.m.

This breaking news article will be updated as more is learned.