Youfit Gym Fort Lauderdale Review

Youfit Gym

Fort Lauderdale


4 Stars Out of 5 Stars

Youfit has lots of locations in South Florida. We checked out the Oakland Park location in the Fort Lauderdale market for this review.

The staff is young and friendly and the mena re mostly muscular young men. Some of the female staff needs to get in shape.

The gym has plenty of weight machines, free weights and lots of tredmills, ellipticals, bikes and even a few stairmasters.

This location has a few agua massage tables only for elite or Lime  members, they’re fantastic.

Basic membership is only $10  bucks a month and this location has plenty of homeless members using the gym for mostly showers.

Some of the homeless members actually b eg for bus fare in the locker room.

The mens handicap shower stall has lots of mold growing in the tile chalk and the bacteria count under the handicap seat in the shower could bring on a modern plague. The shower also had almost room temperature hot water.

While the handicap shower is a mess the rest of the mens locker room is clean enough for a $10 gym. To use the great massage tables you need to pony up $20 a month and that allows you to use all locations not just one and the massage beds and you can bring a guest  for free.  The Lime membership also gets you 50% off items in the snack bar.

You can see some super hot younger babes here but usually you see whales stuffed into skin tight spandex or leotards. It makes  you wonder do these 300 pound range beasts look in a damn mirror before they parade their fat  asses in public in spandex.

I’m all for obese people using a gym to lose weight but there must be workout outfits huge chicks can wear besides skin tight spandex.

Price along makes this well equiped gym a 4 star rating even with the dirty handicap shower stall and the plethora of whales in spandex.

Every gym has fatties  today stuffed into spandex, but if you need to lose over 100 pounds you need to never put on spandex.

Overall the best cheap gym in South Florida is Youfit.