Aptos Unveils Winners of the Singapore World Tour Hackathon

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Aptos is a well-known network that is known for encouraging innovation, and it has now made the winners of the Singapore leg of its World Tour Hackathon public announcements. On October 27, 2023, the network revealed 14 projects that stood out in different tracks via a series of tweets, emphasizing how the Aptos platform can serve as a fertile environment for generating real-world solutions. This highlighted how the Aptos platform can serve as a fertile foundation for producing real-world solutions.

One of the most notable aspects of the event was the division of the #AptosWorldTour Hack Singapore competition into five distinct tracks, each of which has its own distinct emphasis. The tracks included ‘NFTs, Social, and Gaming,’ ‘DeFi & Payments,’ ‘Infrastructure, Tooling, and Public Goods,’ ‘Move’s Most Innovative,’ ‘Web3 x AI: Hacking the Future of Content Creation,’ and ‘Move’s Most Innovative,’ with the first two being sponsored by Alibaba Cloud and Google Cloud, respectively.

The winner of the ‘NFTs, Social, and Gaming’ track was @IntoTheVerse_, followed by @stickman_apt and @TowneSquarexyz. TowneSquarexyz came in third place. In the ‘DeFi & Payments’ track, @aptospayment was able to come out on top, followed by @AmnisFinance and fxSwap (by @theISCTeam) in second and third place, respectively.

Following dAptoRator (by @NetSepio), Dddappp and Delegate took the second and third places, respectively, in the competition that was centered on the topics of “Infrastructure, Tooling, and Public Goods.” @EconiaLabs emerged victorious in the ‘Move’s Most Innovative’ track, with @ZabavaLabs and @Aptomingos coming in a close second and third, respectively.

Last but not least, in the ‘Web3 x AI: Hacking the Future of Content Creation’ competition, @aptscan_ai came out on top, while @SwapGPT took home the prize for second place.

Aptos expressed its heartfelt congratulations to the victors and praised the efforts of all of the hackers who participated in the competition. Additionally, it conveyed thanks to the event’s sponsors, guest speakers, and community members, all of whom contributed to the successful outcome of the event via their support.

The announcement of the winners highlights the ability of the Aptos network to stimulate creativity and create solutions that are applicable in the real world. The Aptos community is already vibrating with excitement in preparation for the next part of the #AptosWorldTour as the hackathon came to a triumphant conclusion.

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